Our Ethics and Sustainability

Welcome to Niki’s Soft Furnishings ethics and sustainability page, we would really like to have an open conversation about being more environmentally aware. We have only just started this journey and would like you to join us. Here are a few things we already do to help.

We Are A Small Local Business

We value every member of our team and are accountable for every action made. Being a small local business is beneficial because we don’t (very often) ship our products across the country but instead the majority of our clients are in the Devon and Cornwall area. This is incredible because we don’t have to increase the carbon footprint of your soft furnishings just to get it to you. 

Our Products are Bespoke

This allows us to be able to order more exact measures of fabrics, linings and tracks. Instead of having to alter the ‘standard’ to fit your space, we make everything just for you. This has always been at the heart of our company. When something is made for the space we hope that means you will want to keep hold of it for a long time. 

Our Ethical Staff

Another eco benefit of our company being small and local is that our staff are (mostly) local. This allows us to save the carbon impact of commuting and allows us to keep the trade local. We also make sure that all of our staff are being paid fairly for the hard work they put in, this means we have a high staff retention and have very skilled people on our team. 

Upcycling and Reimagining Soft Furnishings

Every sofa we recover or make loose covers for is a sofa that has not been sent to landfill. We love transforming old pieces into something that will last another couple of decades. We are also always encouraging the use of remnants of fabric, we suggest scatter cushions, bedspreads and even have someone who can make lampshades. This means that there is even less waste which is better for the planet and we don’t have as many odds and ends hanging around our workshop. 

Eco Partnerships

When we do have leftovers, however, we get to send them off to the lovely people at Luxury from Landfill who make so many beautiful products out of it. We love being able to support them because they are such a bright light in the industry. 

Striving for Change

The final and possibly most important point is that we are small, which means we can make change. We are going to be doing a pretty intense deep dive into the fabric suppliers we use, the way that we work and really try to understand how we can make sure our customers and our company can be as kind to the planet as possible. This is a matter that is close to all of our hearts and we are at a point where it feels like we can’t ignore the impact our choices are making. 

Join us on our journey, engage in the conversation on social media and send us a message, so we can all enjoy a better world tomorrow.

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