Made to Measure Blinds

Roman blinds or roller blinds, this is an often dilemma. Have you considered having both or maybe you prefer ones over others. The great news is, we can help with both!

Roman blinds beautifully frame a window while providing shade and privacy. They need to be strong and functional, cope with sun damage and look neat but without compromising on design. We have developed a way of making them that ensures they are long lasting and robust. The chains are safe for children and animals, as weight on them will cause them to mechanically release.

The cascade style of Roman blind enables them to roll up neatly to a uniform height, and is especially attractive if there are two or more windows. Roman blinds can be trimmed and decorated along the bottom edge, and offer you a superb way to finish your room with minimal fabric, so you can choose a fabric you’re in love with.

Roller blinds provide instant shade and privacy, and can be made of fabric that lets light through, to protect a room from the sun, or opaque fabric for night time. Layered with Roman blinds or curtains, they provide a complete window treatment to cope with any situation, but are not usually used alone except in practical, functional rooms. Roller blinds are fitted into the window recess and they are an alternative to using voiles.

If you need help with dressing your window, we will be happy to discuss your ideas or choosing the best type of blinds for your space, get in touch.

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