Cushions and Accessories

There is no such thing as too many cushions!

Can you imagine a sofa without comfortable cushions to pad your back? Or a bedspread with no cushions at all sizes to make it feel inviting to rest after a hard work?

There is no rule to how many cushions you have in your space. These soft furnishing accessories come on all shapes and sizes. And yes, you can get some off the shelf, but what if we told you, we can create some just for you! With the fabric you love and in the sizes you need.

Dressing your space with beautiful soft touches is what brings life to it. This is what makes your space so unique and lovable.

Here are some examples of the cushions we have created from new fabrics. If you feel sentimental, we can use fabrics from the old materials that matter to you to make cushions, room dividing screens or lamp shades.

Possibilities are endless. Contact us to discuss them and bring them to life.

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