Bespoke Curtains

A set of curtains can make an incredible difference to your space and change how you feel in the room. With that in mind, we consider your space carefully before making any design or fabric suggestions.

An opulent goblet tops with trimming, French pleats, eyelets or double hooking, pelmets, tie backs, we will help you choose the right design to make your room feel fresh and simple or elegant and luxurious.

Our skilful curtains designs can bring much needed benefits such as insulation, and reducing drafts and light, as well as the opportunity to enjoy fabric designs you love. If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to enjoy custom made curtains by us, as soon as you see them you will immediately recognise the difference.

We will advise you on the best tracks, including the latest addition of electric tracks. And we can also fit it all for you, too!

Here are some examples of what we can do for you. Bespoke curtains is only a part of soft furnishings we offer. We can also create beautiful blinds, comfortable headboards or stunning cushions.

If you are not sure where to start, call us, send us the photos of the space you are looking to dress or book a consultation. We are here to help you feel great in your space.

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Different types of curtains

Eyelet curtains


Style: Modern clean lines

Benefit: Narrow stack back, good when space is limited. Less fabric required than other styles

Finish: Sleek & slender

Fullness: 1.75

Apex Window Curtains


Style: Sculptured, grand architectural feature

Benefit: Great for triangular or architectural feature windows. – can be pleated, gathered, and used with a pelmet

Finish: Draped Luxury

Fullness: 2 (double)

Goblet curtains


Style: Traditional, structured & classic

Benefit: Fixed heading with interlining. Easy to dress, looks great with tie backs. Works well with trimmings e.g. buttons

Finish: Luxury

Fullness: 2.25

Puff Ball curtains

Puff Ball

Style: Gathered relaxed full and fun

Benefit: Helps prevent top light bleed and increases blackout. Great for bedrooms. Can be pulled back decoratively. Good for floor length curtains

Finish: Relaxed, Soft & Pretty

Fullness: 2.25

Ruffle top curtains

Ruffle Top

Style: Gathered relaxed full and fun

Benefit: Opportunity to use contrast fabric. Works well interlined. No dramatic dressing required, looks great with tie backs. Works well at any length e.g., floor or sill length

Finish: Relaxed, Soft & Pretty

Fullness: 2

Wave curtains


Style: Modern clean lines

Benefit: Neat stack back. Good when space is limited

Finish: Sleek & modern

Fullness: 1.75 – 2.25 dependant on wave depth

Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil Pleat (Gathered)

Style: Traditional gathered heading

Benefit: Adjustable heading to cover pole or track, easy to hang and dress

Finish: Traditional

Fullness: 2 (double)

Double/Triple Pleat Curtains

Double / Triple Pleat

Style: Traditional, structured and classic

Benefit: Fixed heading, great interlined and works well with trimmings

Finish: Luxury

Double pleat = 2 (double)
Triple pleat = 2.25

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