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Sometimes pets help when you have it done at home!

About Niki Solomon

I’ve been designing and making creative soft furnishings since I was a child, and it was the most natural thing for me to do to start my own business. I know and understand just how much beautiful fabrics transform a space. I’m steeped in experience and understanding how to make fabrics work in any and all situations, and I am an innovative designer. I know how fabrics can be moulded to uplift your environment, bring comfort, enjoyment, a sense of home, and resolve the issues that make you feel out of sorts with your space.

I have a love, joy and excitement about fabrics that has increased with experience. Over many years, I have also developed a sound working knowledge of what we can make them achieve. In addition to an understanding and appreciation of timeless good quality design, I have an extensive understanding of the technicalities, and this means detailed, specialist technical problem solving, design and fitting.

My philosophy

Whether we’re talking about a headboard, a spot of unashamed luxury such as a luscious footstool or ottoman, the right blinds to transform your conservatory into a creative working space, a padded leather bench, or fitting a lovely curtain into a bay window – I love finding brilliant solutions. The way someone’s eyes light up when we’ve finished a day of fitting and they walk into the space – for me that is a day well spent!

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