Have you been wondering how sustainable your interiors are? Yes? We have been too so we thought we would start by looking at what we do now and how that works for you and our sustainability aims.

Welcome to the first instalment of our exploration of the sustainability and eco-friendly nature of the textiles and interiors industry. Our aim is to give you enough information to make big interior decisions with confidence.

At the heart of our philosophy, is the importance of giving you the best value for your investment. Although this hasn’t always with the planet in mind, it is a naturally eco-friendly working relationship. Instead of having to alter the ‘standard’ to fit your space, we make everything you need especially for you. Your project is as unique as you are. Because of that we supply exact amounts of materials for your interior schemes.

As your friendly bespoke furnishing company, we love working in and around Devon and Cornwall. Being local, we consider our carbon footprint throughout the design and fit process. Even if you aren’t local to us, we can help you by using partners that are local to you. So you will still be getting our local service and consideration.

We understand that you are investing your time and money to create a home to last a lifetime, not just a few seasons. We love creating spaces that bring you joy every time you think, look at or use them which is always better for the planet.

Another eco benefit of our company being small and local is that our staff are (mostly) local. Our creative makers who don’t have to commute a long way every day not only save their energy, but they also enjoy a lot more flexibility for life and work to be accommodated. We also offer opportunities for our office based staff to remotely, wherever that may be.

Every pair of curtains we have rescued and every piece of furniture we have re-covered for you is an act of sustainability. Every sofa we recover or make loose covers for is a sofa that has not been sent to landfill. The joy and satisfaction of transforming old pieces into something that will last another couple of decades is priceless.

We know it is cheaper to buy new, but when you invest in your old piece you bring all the memories and history and add your new layer of love and style to it for the next generation to enjoy. Loose covers are a great eco-option too because then you can take them off and wash them at the same time as preserving the fabric of the furniture.

We are always encouraging the use of remnants of fabric, we suggest scatter cushions, bedspreads lampshades. This means that there is even less waste which is better for the planet and we don’t have as many odds and ends hanging around our workshop.

Being small and nimble means we can make changes. We are going to be doing an intense dive into our supply chain, manufacturing processes and the way we work and really try to understand how we can all be as kind to the planet as possible whilst making your home beautifully yours.

We want to be as open and honest with you as we can be because we know that we are not perfect. This is the beginning of our journey.

We really want to know what is important to you and would love to hear your thoughts. Fabric manufacturing has never been so exciting so keep checking in to our website to see our latest discoveries and recommendations.

Georgia and the team here at Niki’s Soft Furnishings.