As the summer months span ahead of us I can think only of the great joy that is being by the sea. This calm and powerful beast brings us inspiration that we all wish to carry to our interiors, the textures, colours and essence of summer days. Of course I know that seaside chic has been done again and again and as much as we love blue stripes, I want to bring a bit of a different take to the seaside interiors trend.

Pink & blue striped roman blinds in a bay window

Pink & blue striped roman blinds in a bay window for the WhiteHouse Hotel.


When remembering days at the seaside I think of laughter, picnics and warm sunshine. I think fondly of driving through the lanes with music carrying the excitement, the anticipation bubbling below the surface hoping that the after isn’t too cold (which it never is) and just feeling so appreciative of living just minutes away from the ocean. This mix of bright and powerful emotions are what I want to capture in this trend. 

Cream of Cornwall Mackerel on Linen

Cream of Cornwall Mackerel on Linen in the making on one of our benches.

One of the biggest inspirations for this trend are the stunning designs coming out of “cream cornwall’ who have been making designs of bright pinks, blues and corals that appear almost neon against their dark sea backgrounds. This embracing of powerful colour encapsulates the theme of this new age coastal interior. It shows an appreciation for the varied and beautiful creatures of the sea. These colours would suit a stunning velvet sofa if you really wanted to go bold or even some bright and fun scatter cushions against a more neutral bed or sofa would work perfectly. 

Coastal trend. A modern take.

Coastal trend. A modern take.

Another feature of the seaside that is quintessential is the textures, the sand, the driftwood, the soft sweep of waves eating the shore, kissing your toes and retreating back ready to play again. These textures can be reflected in the weight and movement of fabrics, for example a voile over a window that has space to move like the waves or a heavy draping dress curtain that curves like the coast across your windows. There’s also the possibility to reflect the light and bleached out drift wood in the poles or hard wear you use. Simple and curving finials complimenting your curtains can really be the finishing touch that ties the room together. 


Of course there are some classic beach things that will complement this trend perfectly. Those rough wood chopping boards, the wicker lampshades and even a deep blue wall. After all it’s got to be a room that works for you, I just hope we can revive the beach-y aesthetic so it can live on forever. 

Finally the dream list for this trend:

Of course the fabric from cream of cornwall’s reef collection 

These poles that come in the perfect sun bleached wood 

This bright and graphic octopus inspired art 

And of course this beautiful bamboo lampshade

If you are feeling inspired to add a splash of seaside to your home please get in touch with us either on the website


Until next time, Georgia and the team at Niki’s Soft Furnishings.

Modern coastal trend

Coastal mood board