70’s Summer dreaming.

If I were to ask you what would evoke the feeling of summers past, you know the ones that involve rose-tinted glasses, when everything was hot in the summer and cold in the winter, what would you say?

On our trip to Leeds this week we had time to pop into the Industrial Museum, which is a fabulous celebration of the Yorkshire industrial past. In amongst the exhibits is nestled the cutest little cinema with reels of home Cine films. They were from that beautiful colourful era that was the beginning of affluence and fun in some ways. The days out were depicted very much in the same way as we are all having to do today. The open roads promised freedom in the way of caravanning holidays and just getting away from it all. Watching the sun go down on a beautiful day in the UK.

Sun lounger and umbrella by the Indian inspired pool at Trematon Castle

Sun lounger by the Indian inspired pool at Trematon Castle

1972 Vintage Hollyhock caravan with interior decorated with House of Hackney flora wallpaper and fabrics. Set in the beautiful gardens of Trematon Castle.

House of Hackney 1972 Vintage Hollyhock caravan set in the beautiful gardens of Trematon Castle


Warm neutrals & soft hues.

Instead of jetting off to foreign lands we are having to be creative and re-visit the great picnic at the beach or beside a lake, or anywhere you fancy away from the madding crowds. It is this embracing of the great nostalgic staycation. That has helped the resurgence of the optimistic hues of nature’s earthy tones. Think palm tree green with earthy pinks and beautiful sky blues, then add a pair of super stylish rose-tinted glasses, a bottle of wine and you have a feel of the 70’s vibe. Gentle, but optimistic.

Day out enjoying the countryside

Staycation why not visit a local lake like we did, this is Roundhay Park near Leeds.

Soft sage green upholstered headboard with blanket box seat cushion.

Soft green upholstered headboard with blanket box seat cushion.


To get this vibe in your interiors, try keeping to plain and warm neutrals on the walls.  Bring in some beautiful hues of green to the furniture and lift the whole look with some brown, terracotta and salmon-pink soft furnishings and then you’ve got the bases of the perfect room. Finally, add some contemporary art to complete that 70’s rose coloured glasses twist.




Our Dream List

These two dreamy collection from Prestigious, Maui and Bali, have those perfect nostalgic hues mixed with the fun ‘not so floral’ florals.

This sofa screams 70’s chic whilst still being sophisticated and comfy, perfect for your front room.

A room isn’t complete without a statement lampshade like this one, the rattan means it is technically neutral but the shape is enough to elevate any room.

Of course, a room is not complete without some art and we are loving this understated print that ties in all of those wonderful 70’s colours.

Anything on this list would pair perfectly with natural wood floors, bright rooms and a lot of memories to be made.

Happy dreaming.

Niki Solomon.