Mixed up June


Greetings from the end of a very mixed-up June of 2021. It seems the weather is as jumbled up as the rules and the progress of getting to a good new normal. I have tried to shut out the Covid white noise and focus on the good things that are happening around me and share some of our favourite bits of the spring, as well as tell you what to look out for in the summer. By “our” I include all of us at Nikis Soft Furnishings.

Summer Fabrics

During that time we have seen the passing of 4 seasons and here we are, at the summer solstice, again with hope in our hearts for an autumn of freedom and holiday season to be spent with loved ones this year.

Instead of dreaming of foreign travels, we are looking to spend time discovering our local attractions and spending time in the Great British pub gardens, on our beaches, walking our countryside, wild swimming and all manner of picnics and BBQ’s along the way. This has kept us very busy in our workshops making lots of outdoor cushions in water resistant colours and outdoor furniture covers that actually work and protect the furniture for years to come. After all, if you are going to spend lots of time relaxing and admiring the garden, you really do want to be comfortable.

Waterproof outdoor furniture cushions

Waterproof outdoor furniture cushions for a bench.


We are enjoying using Agua’s bright outdoor plains for comfy bench outdoor seating and Kayospruce marine canvas is great for outdoor furniture covers and has a great range of colours too and we are currently enjoying using 



Bench seat cushion

Bench seat cushion

Waterproof outdoor furniture covers

Waterproof outdoor furniture covers


Indian Summer

This month we have had the joy of working with “House of Hackney” fabrics and helping the designers and owners of Trematon House to get ready for the arrival of their guests with glorious florals for their outdoor furniture.
With the rapid rise of digital printing and a huge range of performance fabrics available, the possibilities are endless.

Waterproof outdoor furniture seat cushions made in House of Hackney luxury floral fabric by Nikis Soft Furnishings for Trematon Castle

Waterproof outdoor furniture seat cushions made in House of Hackney luxury floral fabric by us for Trematon Castle

Swimming pool at Trematon Castle in Cornwall

This beautifully maximalist hotel offers a Cornish retreat just for the summer months. Every room is draped in dreamy fabrics of glorious blooms, sumptuous velvets, wild cat designs and trimmings. I am convinced that paradise exists especially when you add an Indian style swimming pool and ruined castle to the superb, planted gardens, you could start to believe that you are starring in your own fairy tale of magical mystery. 

Swimming pool at Trematon Castle in Cornwall



As you know I love a bit of opulence and a tiara, but I also love the way that as soft furnishers we have a duty to preserve, protect and re-use as much of what we work on as possible. I believe the National Trust are fantastic ambassadors for this in the work they do. I feel very lucky to be living in walking distance of Saltram House NT and get to see the preserved interiors of a bygone age of Victorian explorers with grand ideas.

The age may have passed, but the fabrics of today are still inspired by distant travel, Saltram house has a wonderful example of a Chinese room decorated with hand painted Chinese wallpaper. I am sure that these types of treasures have offered inspiration to modern interior designers and I can think of a few fabric collections that could bring the same style to our homes, one of them being the chinoiser or Orientallis from Iliv.

One quality fabric brand that we have been really pleased to use a few times in the past year is Vanessa Arbuthnot. The fabrics have been fun to look at, great to sew with and look fantastic when finished. The toile in this range is so big with several large vignettes that placement of pattern on larger pieces with multiple cushions needs a great deal of consideration.


A sofa we upholstered using Vanessa Arbuthnot fabric

A sofa we upholstered using Vanessa Arbuthnot fabric


Vanessa Arbuthnot "for the love of rose" fabric

Vanessa Arbuthnot “for the love of rose” fabri


If like us, you love the latest interior trends then watch out for our mood boards which we will be releasing this summer.

relaxing and elevated neutral mood board by Nikis Soft Furnishings Ltds

Elevated and relaxing neutrals mood board.

Whatever you are doing this summer, we hope you can throw open your windows and let the curtains billow gently in the breeze whilst you skip in and out of house whilst entertaining family and friends. Lets face it a glass of wine, a soft seat and a friend are the best antidote to all the worries of life beyond the garden.

We sincerely hope that you and those that share your world are enjoying this beautiful British summer discovering your own favourite place. Home.

Until next time, stay comfortable.

Warmest regards

Niki Solomon

Recent Reviews

Wave Header curtains made with Essente Capsule fabric

Client review of Wave Header curtains made with Essente Capsule fabric


I am more than pleased with the final result, the curtains are excellent. The room looks a lot lighter and the garden is more visible.

Pamela – Plymouth