Hello, good morning, good evening, how are you all? We are doing a new series of blog posts all about current trends to hopefully inspire you (and us)!



The latest interior trend is all about relaxed elevated neutrals.

We are loving the calm and soft colours mixed with a subtle warm pop of colour. If we were to design a room with this trend in mind there would be lots of lovely natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and leather. As you can see from the mood board it all pairs beautifully with a spray of dried flowers to really add that mellow pop of colour.

We have been investigating how to dry flowers at home so you can enjoy your bouquets for so much longer. This is better for your wallet and the planet. Here is a handy guide we found online, You must let us know if you try it out – tag us on instagram.

relaxing and elevated neutral mood board by Nikis Soft Furnishings Ltds

Elevated and relaxing neutrals mood board.


To really set off this trend we love the organic shapes from the lamp base and we have the skills to match the shade with any of your other soft furnishings. We love the idea of a soft beige linen that filters the light perfectly for that soft relaxing glow, perfect after your long day under the fluorescent office lights.

We recently made some gorgeous loose covers for some dining chairs that reminded us a lot of this trend. They had a subtle yellow detail with some chic piping that gave the room a perfect personal twist on the style. For this trend we have put together our dream list which is a few products we think would fit the trend and your home perfectly. So without further ado, here’s our relaxing elevated neutral …


  • This lovely warm ‘yellow’ wall colour by lick.
  • These incredible modern flow leather dining chairs on Olivia’s.
  • Some beautiful light and flowing curtains made from this linen poly blend fabric by Swaffer.
  • This small Etsy business to order some dried flowers if you don’t fancy drying your own.


Finally, remember our enquiries are always open if you want to chat about a room design or trend you’re loving.  We love hearing from you!


Till next time,

The Niki’s Soft Furnishings Team x