Some furniture designs never seem to date.  Probably due to the style, quality of construction, ease of use, comfort and adaptability to decor schemes.

Nikis Soft furnishings favourite five designs that are regularly seen, repaired or asked to make are as follows;

  1. Upholstered Headboards
  2. Wingback arm chairs (Fireside chair)
  3. Ercole chairs and sofa’s
  4. Chesterfield sofa
  5. Club chairs

These all are classic designs which work well in any situation be it traditional or modern contemporary.  When teamed with carefully selected fabrics textures and colour’s each design holds it own.

Upholstered Headboards.

Upholstered headboards can be used to create impact and be the centre feature of a bedroom or can be muted and blend seamlessly into the decor but always adding comfort and a touch of luxury.  Headboards that are upholstered can be smooth or deep buttoned, a simple rectangle or bespoke shape.  Put simply headboards will always be a mainstay piece of furniture.

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See our upholstery gallery for images of our headboards.

Winged back or Fireside chairs.

Originally winged backed chairs were designed to face and capture the fireside warmth and protect heads, shoulders and back from cold draughts.  Due to cosy shape and upright position they still remain popular today.  For that reason these chairs preform equally well in contract situations such as hotels, pubs or the domestic home.  The Wing backed chair design works well in a variety of fabrics from a striking tartan, to sumptuous velvet or a soft classic plain. Styles of legs can be traditional such as the curved cabriole legs or contemporary in design with sleek modern straight legs.  This is why this style of chair is made Niki’s Soft Furnishings top five.

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Ercole Chair and sofa’s.

Ercole was founded in England in 1920. It was after the second world war when resources were short and finances tight that Lucian Ercolani designed the orginal Ercole sofa and chair to provide quality, strength and comfort.  This company is still going strong today with a great stylish range of designs from dining chairs, coffee tables to sofa’s.  Frequently Niki’s Soft Furnishings is asked to make loose covers for Ecrole chairs and sofas, always producing great results.  The fact that we  see so many ercole designs is a testimonial to the longevity of this product and thus why it onto Niki’s Soft Furnishings top five list of furniture that never dates.

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The 4th Earle of Chesterfield in the 1700’s believed to have commissioned the first Chesterfield, hence the name. A Chesterfield is simply timeless, the deep buttoning oozes luxury and style and shape is distinctive with low backs and high rolled arms.  Traditionally upholstered in rich tones of leather however many fabric versions are widely available.  Linen and velvet work extremely well with the Chesterfield design. This is why Chesterfields made it onto Nikis Soft furnishings top five of furniture that never dates.

See our upholstery gallery for images of our work.

Club Chair.

A cosy club chair is great in the lounge, bedroom, hall or any spare space.  It originates from the gentleman clubs of the 1850’s and is a very versatile piece of furniture. The club chair appears in lots of variations from simple curved design with deep seat and rolled arms to more stylised chunky deep button designs.  Club chairs perform equally well in contract situations like hotels as well as the domestic home.  Generally club chairs are upholstered in plain fabrics ranging from soft velvet’s to dusky coloured plains to leather but if more daring, patterns can be used.  Loose covers also work well on club chairs.  This is a incredible useful piece of furniture seen a lot by Niki’s Soft Furnishings hence why it made it onto the top five.

See our upholstery gallery for images of club chairs we have reupholstered.