Roman Blind.

Roman Blinds fitted into a conservatory window

What type of lining can I have in my Roman Blinds?


There are several types of linings that you can put in Roman Blinds. The list below is by no means exhaustive, it is just the most common ones. There are several types of linings that will work in roman blinds and it again depends on the application (what you want the blind to do) and the desired finished required.


Cotton lining.

This lining is fairly light in appearance and lets light through. It can have a sheen on it and will give a moderate sun protection, but will shred eventually in a very sunny window. It won’t add any structure to your Roman Blinds unless it is used over an interlining.

Cotton Polyester mix lining.

This is a slightly fatter cotton feel fabric that can give a lovely bounce to fabric that needs a bit more than a soft cotton. It works pretty well in Roman Blinds that don’t need a lot of added structure, fabrics that are thick and blanket like in feel. It will also give a longer life before shredding in the sun. It is a great choice for a re-line.

Bonded Lining.

This lining comes in a standard or a blackout version and both are an excellent choice for machine stitched, well structured Roman Blinds. The bond between the lining and the interlining make it a good makers choice as well as customers choice as is needs less internal construction to achieve a good finish.

Lining and separate Interlining.

This choice of lining for your Roman Blinds is the one that will make the softest, plumpest and luxurious Roman blinds ever. The blanket qualities of an interlining will always give the face fabric a beautiful drape quality. The construction of these Roman blinds whether they are machine stitched through or stab stitched will be longer than any other lining type. The lining would be either blackout, cotton or cotton polyester mix.

Blackout Lining.

If you would like to reduce the light coming into the room, blackout lining would be a good choice. This comes in a bonded, woven or standard finish. Each blackout lining will offer an amount of light blocking.   

Self-fabric lining.

Some times it is important to use the same fabric on the back as on the front. This would always have an interlining in the middle to add weight and drape. These would be constructed totally differently to the other types of blind, but can be beautiful to look at in places like doors, glass rooms or shop window displays. It is not unusual to see cords that have been coloured in to match the general hue of the fabric.

No Lining.

This can look lovely and is especially good when you want to filter light through your roman blinds. Using a linen, voile, cotton lawn or pretty little print would work really well. This is a much more considered look than using a roller blind or a net curtain for privacy.


Hopefully this has answered some of the queries surrounding lining options for roman blinds. If it hasn’t, please contact us or email at