Will a curtain maker use fabric that I have supplied?

In general a curtain maker would usually be happy to use a fabric supplied by the customer, providing the fabric is of decent quality and there is enough of it.  

Some makers charge a premium on their normal rates when they are making up a fabric that is customer supplied. This covers the time that is taken to check the fabric for flaws and general quality before cutting. This is an essential service that could save you money if flaws are found. Suppliers will not exchange a cut piece of fabric. Which on a large window could amount to 15m of fabric the cost of cutting it without checking first could amount to £100’s.

Some makers will want to be the one to tell you how much fabric to order so that they definitely have enough allowances for drops, hems and tops. If this is a service that is offered to you I would advise that you make use of it.

It is worth finding out if your maker can supply you with the fabric for your curtains themselves, that way you get the checking service included without paying extra.

Who should I ask to make my curtains?

There are a myriad of people who will make curtains, from dressmakers to seamstresses, to interior designer makers. All sorts of people will claim to be able to make curtains for you. Who you choose will depend on the type of service and curtains you want made.

If you know the drop, fullness, style, lining and fabric amount that you need and just want them sewn up on a sewing machine, you could probably use anyone that can make curtains. However, you would be advised to look at previous work that the maker has done.

If you only know the fabric that you want and need advice on the lining and fullness needed it would make sense for you to take your fabric to a curtain maker rather than just a dressmaker.

If you want interlinings and linings and hand finished headings I you would definitely need to use an experienced interiors workroom rather than a dressmaker maker.


Who can advise me about my curtains?

You cannot go wrong by using a reputable curtain maker.  There are plenty of curtain makers which can be found on the internet or in local trade magazines.  It is always a good idea to ask to see previous work and even better if a friend or trusted acquaintance can recommend a maker as this is true testimonial of their work. 


Beautiful bespoke triple pleat curtains hung on a gun metal pole.