What is the benefit of made to measure curtains and are they worth the extra money?

It is certainly worth paying for made to measure curtains BUT not if you don’t need them!

Made to measure curtains are not always necessary, a lot depends on where you are putting the curtains and for what reason.

Are they for privacy in the box room or are they for dramatic drapes in the parlor?

Only you can decide the true benefit and need of choosing made to measure curtains.


Why pay for bespoke made to measure curtains?

My personal opinion, as a curtain maker and fabric draper..

A beautiful piece of fabric that is destined for the adornment of a window deserves to be made precisely and look effortlessly perfect in its treatment.

It demands a good lining and preferably an interlining too.

Hung on the right pole or track at the right position and length, curtaining can totally lift a room and can equally calm a busy room.

Throughout history curtains and drapes have been a symbol of warmth, protection, wealth and taste.

I believe this is still true today.

When a window is dressed to its true potential the drapes will frame the view and provide an air of safe exclusion from the view.

It is human nature to like to close the curtains, turn down the lights and take refuge from the outside world some times.

So a beautifully tailor made and fitted pair of curtains will enhance your sense of wellbeing every time you touch, move or look at them.