We are running an Olivia Bard Fabric Competition.

What would YOU make from 3 metres of this fabric?

We have 3 metres from Olivia Bard‘s new fabric ranges – Calm Bazaar or Pied Beauty – choose a fabric and let your imagination flow.  We can’t wait to see what you create!

The fabrics from Olivia Bard’s Calm Bazaar and Pied Beauty are shown below –  Keep scrolling down until you see them all!

You can mix and match fabrics but are only allowed to use a total of 3 metres.

We are looking for something new or unusual and creative!

Closing date is the 21st April 2016.

To enter, POST your ideas on the as a comment NIKI’S SOFT FURNISHINGS Facebook page under this competition and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE our page.

The WINNING IDEA will be the one that gets the MOST LIKES (VOTES).  The winning idea will be made by us, where feasibly possible, as the prize for you.  The winning entry will be posted on our Facebook page – so please don’t enter if you are camera shy!

Voting commences from 21st April until 28th April 2016.

Get Creating and Good Luck!

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