We at Niki’s Soft Furnishings are very excited to be working with Handy Hammocks to develop a pod which will cover their very light weight portable free standing hammock.

This wonderfully feather light but incredibly strong and durable hammock is quick and easy to assemble and as the pictures show can be used anywhere from mountains to beach.  The pod has been designed to make the hammock waterproof and windproof so that the hammock can be more versatile and used for camping.  A sleeping bag is also being developed to fit hammock perfectly and a with luggage net suspended under the hammock to keep your belongings dry, the pod will provide a truly unique camping experience!

At Niki’s Soft Furnishings the pod development has progressed to field trial stage, with a few intrepid volunteers testing the prototype over this summer at festivals and in the highlands of Scotland.  We are awaiting their feed back great anticipation!

When we last posted about the Handy Hammock, everyone asked to see more pictures so scroll down for some more!

Handy_hammock_paragliders_wales 1