Have you got an odd shaped window that you are struggling to find a curtain to fit? Well, check out our video of a new curtain to fit a triangular window. The curtain hangs neatly in the corner when the sun is shining, and then you simply use the rigid pole to close the curtain and attach it onto the opposite wall.

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”EfpVh1MnaPE”]

Here at Niki’s Soft Furnishings in Plymouth we can create curtains for many different shape windows, from your average rectangle to arches, ovals and triangles. If you fancy something a bit different for your different windows then give us a call!

We would be happy to arrange an appointment and discuss your requirements for your individual upholstery and soft furnishing needs. We have many new and traditional fabrics to suit every taste, along with years of knowledge about fabrics and interiors to advise you along the way.